Why chose Silk lashes?


Silk lashes are made from quality synthetic fiber that accentuates your eyes to give you that mysterious magical glare.  Each pair is styled and shaped uniquely by its features in order to give you that cat-like eyes.  We provide many different styles of our Silk Collection in hope you will find the one that best fit your eyes.


What is 3D Silk?


3D silk lashes are multilayered lash strip.  Similar to Luxurious Silk, 3D silk has 2 or more layers to give you that voluminous fluffy effect on your eyes. 

Why chose Mink lashes?


Mink lashes are made from quality mink hair that is collected when shed.  The hair strip are soft and lightweight compared to synthetic material.  Mink lashes will give you that soft feather effect on your eyes that resembles your natural lashes.  Whether its voluminous dramatic or voluminous natural, both will give you that special effect your eyes are yearning for.